Over 65's Hotel Breaks

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The Hardiman Over 65's hotel break

 The team at The Hardiman have endeavoured to identify what will be important to the Over 65's Market in the decision-making process in choosing a breakaway and with this in mind, we looked at the elements of our service and what aspects of our offer could we provide to encourage in making that trip. 

 As with every other potential guest we recognised that primarily it will be to ensure they feel secure and safe, notwithstanding the new guidelines, that our levels of personal service and hospitality experience were unaffected, and of course that our offer delivered on the product to value perception. 

We are delighted to announce the following steps we are putting into place. 

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Complimentary Midweek Activities

The Hardiman will be offering the following activities that will take place within the hotel, minimum numbers for the activities will be required throughout the week. We encourage our guests to come along, experience and enjoy the selection of activities including Wine tasting, Gin Tasting, Bingo etc

Valet Parking Service

Available upon request,  This is an element of our service offer that we felt important to have for our +65’s.  Our team would obviously guarantee the highest standards of hygiene and ensure that all Covid 19 safety procedures were in place.  Our intent at this time is that this will really only be something we offer to the +65’s and of course our guests with limited mobility.

Designated Bedroom Floor

Our thought process here was that the older generation will be much more meticulous in their approach and that by ensuring we only permitted guests of this generation on a specific bedroom floor, that there was an added level of safety guaranteed.

No tray charge for room service

Generally, hotels apply a charge for room service because it’s an expensive service to run from a labour perspective and this tray charge supports this cost.  We would waive this fee for our guests booked on our over 65’s package.  We anticipate that many of our guests may prefer to dine in their room and we wanted to ensure that this wasn’t a barrier for them.

Complimentary Tea, Coffee, Homemade Scone

Again, who doesn’t love or need a cup of tea and a scone after a journey. Offering a complimentary cup of tea or coffee and scone to enjoy when you arrive.

Accessibly transport to Hotel

The back door opens onto the bus and train station. You can literally walk in off the platform to The Hardiman.


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