Lonely Planet Galway - Best In Travel 2020


Galway is the fourth-best city on the planet to visit in 2020, according to Lonely Planet - ranking ahead of global stars like Dubai and Vancouver.

The "brilliantly bohemian” city features as one of the Top 10 cities for travellers in Lonely Planet's Best in Travel 2020, an annual collection of travel destinations, trends and experiences for the year ahead.

Galway is “arguably Ireland’s most engaging city”, the guide says - a place "brimful of imagination" where “brightly painted pubs heave with live music” and “cafés offer front row seats to watch buskers perform.”

It singles out experiences like live trad music at Tig Cóilí, or Tigh Neachtain's pub, "where timber walls frame a roaring fire and locals crack gentle jokes"

On the doorstep of the brightly painted pubs on Eyre Square, is our landmark hotel, The Hardiman. Lonely Guide recommendations is great news for Galway and the excitement is building for Galway 2020.

And this year all that creative exuberance is being supercharged by events marking the Galway region's role as a 2020 European Capital of Culture – the city’s calendar is packed with activity as the bars are with locals on a Saturday night. Expect street spectacle, live and digital art as well as world-class music, theatre and dance.

Sleep might have to wait in Galway, even the buskers play late into the night. Vivid and vibrant, brimful of imagination, Galway in 2020 is home to a year-long, city-wide, arty party. And you’re invited too.

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