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Spanish Arch

Currently two arches, one which leads to Galway Museum and one which is blocked up. They were built in 1584 and were an extension of the medieval city wall. The rest of the arches were destroyed by a tsunami in 1755 generated by an earth quake in Lisbon. Today, your photo opportunities will be more of our Galway Swans than waves!

Eyre Square

The heart of Galway city, the square was once used as tennis lawns in the 19th century and also features a sculpture of iron sails representing the local sailing vessel known as a ‘Galway Hooker’ with maroon sails. Each July the Galway International Arts Festival stages free public performances in Eyre Square with The Hardiman Hotel as the background.

Kylemore Abbey

Almost 100 years an Abbey, the main ‘castle’ was built in 1852 by Mitchell Henry who’s life and time in Connemara is filled with romance, engineering feats and tragedy. Plenty of gorgeous walks, gardens and stunning backdrops for photos.

Galway Cathedral

The copper dome of Galway Cathedral dominates the skyline of Galway and appears in many visitor photos. The inside is equally spectacular and worth a visit.

The Claddagh

Once a fishing village outside the city walls filled with thatched cottages and now a great viewing point for the summer sailings of the Galway Hooker boats and the graceful Galway Swans. There is also a new Claddagh Cottage that has been built to show how locals lived up to 1920. Great snapping opportunities all day but our favourites are early morning and sunset.

Salthill Promenade

Located on Galway Bay with the Aran Islands to the right and Galway City to the left, the 2 km long promenade, known as ‘the Prom’ in Salthill is looks at UNESCO listed Burren National Park – no doubt you will be presented with a perfect snap opportunity.

The Hardiman Hotel

The Grand Dame of Galway we have appeared in more than one or two photos over the past 167 years. With the advent of Instagram, our visitors love the rooftop hot tub most of all.

Quay Street

The start of pedestrian hub of Galway which then stretches right up to Eyre Square. Narrow medieval streets with low rise colourful buildings lend to insta heaven – stop for a pint in Tigh Neachtain’s Pub!

NUI Galway

Dating from 1845, the quadrangle of the National University of Ireland in Galway is a favourite of snappers across all generations. If you are lucky you might even catch the rich reds hues of the ivy.

Aran Islands

Think sea, ferry, tiny planes, lots of bicycles, leprechaun houses, really high cliffs, Irish speaking natives, the odd sheep, Aran sweaters and lots of stone walls … everywhere you turn is a photo opportunity – enjoy!

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