Staycation in Galway City

Galway Hotel Offer

Holiday at Home for your break away, the perfect time to fall in love with Galway.

Galway is famous for its atmosphere, its charming pubs, restaurants, shops and festivals including Galway 2020 and Galway International Arts Festival's Autumn Programme, but it’s the city itself which has a unique atmosphere and the friendliest of people. It is impossible to walk through the streets without sensing it. Galway’s historic Spanish Arch, the remainder of a centuries-old bastion, is a reminder of the city’s multi-cultural, multi-lingual history and present-day character where imagination, commerce and the arts flourish. The surrounding landscape, culture and language have attracted artists, musicians and writers for generations.Wander around the medieval streets and enjoy the various artisan markets and shops and enjoy a staycation this year in the city of the tribes.

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